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Tagines - The Curious Peasant


The second book in The Curious Peasant series. Tagines, looks at the history of this archetypal peasant cooking pot and includes a baker’s dozen of the varied and delicious dishes that can be cooked in it. 

Published 30th May, 2014

Available on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback

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Simple Sourdoughs - The Curious Peasant

Simple Sourdoughs

The first in The Curious Peasant series looks at how to make a sourdough starter, how to maintain it and how to bake delicious bread. The book contains a baker’s dozen of fantastic contemporary breads. 

Published 10th May, 2014 to coincide with Real Bread Maker Week promoted by The Real Bread Campaign


Available on Amazon for your Kindle and in paperback. Also available on Smashwords in a variety of formats for your e reader. Please click on the link below to purchase.

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Bantams in the Garden - The Curious Peasant

Bantams in the gardenA look at the pleasures and trials of keeping a few bantams in the garden either for eggs, meat or just for fun.

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