The Curious Peasant

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Victoria Osborne - The Curious Peasant

Lost skills in cookery, craft, and culture.

Victoria Osborne is a born again peasant.

She has worked at a variety of jobs over the years including riding teacher; deck hand on a traditional three masted schooner; school registrar; business manager and specialist antique dealer. She has now turned her hand to telling others about the skills she has picked up over the years. Victoria has experimented with self sufficiency, living on a small small-holding in Wiltshire where she kept chickens, bees, rabbits, quail, sheep, pigs, horses and, most recently, a working donkey. She grows her own vegetables, cures and smokes her own bacon and ham, makes bread both for sale and for her family’s consumption. She has made wine, baskets, soap, preserves and built a replica Iron Age roundhouse. Victoria has most recently been a research student at a West Country university, studying for a PhD in Artisan cheesemakers, only giving this up when the natural curiosity of the peasant finally took over!